There was a time in Cyprus when one would have to travel overseas for the pleasure of buying high-fashion merchandise. Fashionista Miriam Lyssiotis changed all that! Miriam took herself off to the very best Houses of Paris and Milan, placed her orders and, with a queue of excited ladies eagerly waiting, launched Tiffany Boutique in 1971.

Her keen eye for the avant-garde and good quality brought instant retail success and the dynamic Miriam became a regular front-row guest at the best Prêt à Porter runways. A fine endorsement came just nine years later, when the House of Chanel approved Tiffany as an authorised `Corner of Chanel´.

Although she retired in 2008, Miriam still visits Tiffany Boutique regularly and enjoys a coffee and a friendly chat with customers, old and new.


After working for many years alongside her mother, Miriam´s daughter Vera now has sole charge of Tiffany Boutique. She has recently refurbished the store in her own unique style and has plans firmly underway to expand her business – with a much-anticipated second store due to open in Limassol in 2012.

Vera loves to make each and every customer feel welcome and is more than happy to show them her collections and assist with honest advice. Her priority is that each customer, whether buying a single piece or an entire outfit, is entirely thrilled with her purchase.

With her expert eye for chic, appealing fashion combined with top quality manufacturing, Vera ensures the continued success of Tiffany Boutique.