Tiffany Boutique Nicosia

77, Makarios Avenue, 1070 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tiffany Boutique in Nicosia opened its doors for the first time in 1971. From the first day until now, Tiffany Nicosia remains the most prestigious elite boutique of the Cyprus capital city offering the best of international luxury fashion brands. It is the boutique that dresses presidential and aristocratic families for weddings and other formal occasions. Every season it keeps satisfying its influential clientele with new and fresh additions, such as the latest ones of Emporio Armani and Red Velentino.

Tiffany Nicosia ‘s attractive, new and modern environment keeps adapting to the needs and aesthetics of the time. It remains a vibrant boutique for over 40 years and loved by the locals as no other boutique in town.

Tiffany Boutique Limassol

Olympic Residence Towers – 353, 28th October Avenue, 3107 Limassol, Cyprus

New Tiffany Concept Store in Limassol

A fresh, contemporary, stylish & unique interior sets the stage to highlight each individual creation at the new Tiffany Concept Store. Two storeys divided into several private spaces, overtaken with luxurious décor and a warm welcoming atmosphere, inviting visitors to explore every corner and discover small hidden treasures.

The unique high-fashion brands hosted in the new Tiffany Concept Store, now coexist with rare antiques, unique modern design furniture, lighting and chandeliers, fashion & art books, artworks by contemporary artists, while the full-service bar offers champagne and coffee all day long. Everything in this new Tiffany place is state-of-the-art!

The new Concept Store in Limassol represents the next step in Tiffany’s growth and features an entirely new approach to the shopping experience. This isn’t just about concepts, it’s about lifestyle experiences!