What is the most important thing that your professional or personal journey has taught you so far?
Being kind and approachable is very important when it comes to my profession, yet even more important in our everyday lives.

Which woman, public figure and/or style icon has influenced you the most, in which way, and why?
Mother Therese and everyone who fights for the people who struggle.

What inspires you?
The feeling of achieving difficult goals that I set is extremely empowering and fulfilling.

How do you spent your free time? What’s your greatest hobby?
I love exercising and swimming. My greatest hobby is swimming since I do it all year around and I urge every women, as a physiotherapist but most importantly as a woman myself, to exercise and take care to ourselves and our bodies. We only have one body to live in throughout our entire life.

Dress, SARA ROKA. Earrings, OSCAR DE LA RENTA. Bag, CHANEL at Tiffany Limassol Boutique
Dress, CLIPS. Chain belt, PHILOSOPHY DI LORENZO SERAFINI. Earrings and sandals. CHANEL at Tiffany Limassol Boutique

What is your life moto?
Always help someone. You might be the only one who does.

What do you believe is your greatest achievement?
Giving birth to my only child, my daughter. It may sound as a cliché, but I believe every woman who has experienced motherhood, feels the same.

What is your biggest future dream?
To see my daughter achieve her goals and be happy and healthy.